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Bonfire Night Safety

Whilst it is fun to watch fireworks displays and attend Bonfire Night events, the night can be overwhelming for many brain injury survivors.

The loud bangs and flashing lights can be startling, despite knowing that the celebrations will be happening. We've compiled some tips to help you stay safe and calm during Bonfire Night this year.

Reduce the effect on the senses:

  • You may find it helpful to wear sunglasses to dim the effect of the flashing lights from the fireworks.

  • Wearing headphones can help to shield your ears from the noise, or to take your mind off it with some music or a podcast.

  • Shut your windows and curtains to reduce the flashing and to reduce the smell of smoke from nearby bonfires.

Stay safe around fireworks:

  • Do not use fireworks that are not CE tested, and always follow the instructions.

  • Stay well back from any lit firework.

  • Wear gloves when holding sparklers to protect your skin.

  • Never light fireworks indoors.

Stay safe around bonfires:

  • Keep all bonfires away from fences, hedges, trees and buildings. Fires can spread out of control very quickly.

  • Keep any aerosols, canisters and products containing toxic fumes well away from the fire.

  • Always stand well back from the fire.

  • Have buckets of water nearby to dampen the area after the fire, or for emergencies.

If you are attending a fireworks display, we hope you enjoy and have a wonderful night.

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1 Comment

Julie Parker
Julie Parker
Nov 03, 2023

Very useful tips, keep warm and keep safe 🙂

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